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California Construction Zone Accident Lawyers

Unsurprisingly, construction sites are significantly more dangerous than other workplaces, such as office buildings or retail stores. Workers in these zones are at risk of a wide array of hazards – for which occupational safety guidelines are imposed. Unfortunately, employers and site managers sometimes neglect to take the necessary precautions to keep their workers safe by not applying truck inspection and regulation safety. This tends to happen when their attention to safety and security is overshadowed by the desire to maximize profits. At Panish, Shea & Boyle, we are here to bring rightful compensation with our talented team of California construction zone accident lawyers to victims of such neglect. Some of the circumstances that constitute construction zone negligence include:

Accidents that can result from each of these issues could be prevented with appropriate diligence and respect for safety regulations. Subsequent injuries lead to lost earnings, damaged property, and medical expenses. Victims of these incidents deserve to be fairly compensated for these losses. For the court to order a reward, victims must provide substantial evidence that the injuries in question are direct results of negligence, and that negligence did indeed take place. Because the legal process can be both complex and overwhelming, a construction zone accident lawyer in California is available to assist throughout.

Other tragedies that may be preventable with careful adherence to safety guidelines include the following:

Crane Accidents

Workers who operate cranes are required to undergo extensive training. Employers sometimes hire workers who have not undergone such training because they are able to pay these under-qualified workers substandard rates. Even well-trained and educated crane operators can facilitate accidents, however. Without careful diligence, cranes may come in contact with live power lines (this happens in nearly half of all incidents involving cranes). They may also overturn, fall, or drop loads they are carrying.

Defective Machinery

Power tools that are not properly maintained or equipped with the appropriate safety mechanisms, assembly lines that do not run at appropriate speeds or are not sufficiently staffed, exposed electrical wiring, and malfunctioning safety harnesses can all lead to severe injuries. These may include burns, crushed limbs, accidental amputation, electrocution, and even death.

Workers who suffer injuries while in construction zones deserve just compensation. Unfortunately, fatalities also occur when construction projects are not properly planned or executed, and the families of these victims are due justice as well. Panish, Shea & Boyle LLP is prepared to handle even the most tragic of cases involving construction zone accidents in California, while offering special care, sensitivity, and attention to all who are adversely affected.

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Each member California construction zone accident attorney is committed to obtaining the best possible results for victims of construction zone accidents and their families. Services offered by our law firm include thorough investigation of evidence that negligence took place and that the subsequent injury was a result of said evidence, as well as careful preparation of the case, implementation of legal strategy, and aggressive representation in court. In addition to seeking appropriate compensation, liable companies and other employers will be pressured to correct unsafe and illegal practices. Call 877.800.1700 today for a consultation.


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