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Case Results

$36.5 Million

Sheth v. Schneider National

A verdict for big-rig truck crash that left a woman completely paralyzed. The largest personal injury verdict in Riverside County history.

$34.5 Million

Casillas v. Landstar Ranger, Inc.

A verdict for a man who suffered lower leg amputation in a big rig accident.

$27.4 Million

Dominguez v. City and County of San Francisco

Verdict for the wrongful death of a child and injuries to three others who were hit by a city truck. The largest verdict ever against the City and County of San Francisco.

$22.5 Million

DOE V. Truck Company

Settlement for woman who suffered a brain injury when a part fell off of a truck, went through windshield and struck her in the head

$21 Million

Nelsen v. Hillyard, Inc.

Verdict for Iraq War veteran who suffered a brain injury resulting from a truck rear-ending the car in which he was a passenger.

$20 Million

Rivas v. JB Hunt

Verdict for a woman who suffered a brain injury when a truck driver ran a red light and hit her car.

$17.1 Million

Huayanca v. Southland Transit

Verdict for an 85 year old man who lost his leg below the knee in an truck versus pedestrian accident.

$15 Million

Tilton v. Southern California Gas Company

Verdict for a teenager who suffered a closed head injury when a truck ran a red light and hit his mother’s car.

$10 Million

DOES v. Trucking Company

Settlement for wrongful death of a 14 year old boy after trucker negligently rear ended family vehicle. The boy was traveling to Yosemite for vacation with his mother and father.

$12.5 Million

DOES v. Trucking Company

Settlement for a family whose car was hit head on by a semi-truck, causing catastrophic internal an orthopedic injuries to the mother.

$9.6 Million

DOES v. Express Delivery Company

Settlement for injuries sustained when a delivery truck’s tow dolly became detached while traveling on the highway and landed directly in front of the plaintiffs’ vehicle, causing a violent collision.

$7 Million

Sims v. Mountain Area Rapid Transit Authority

Settlement for brain injury sustained by a woman who was struck by a bus while crossing a street in Big Bear.

$7 million

Vega v. Verizon

Settlement for the wrongful death of a man killed by a wrong-way Verizon truck driver.

$7 Million

Chesser v. HMI International

Settlement for a 21-year old man who suffered a traumatic brain injury and orthopedic injuries when a truck driver made a left turn directly in front of the man’s motorcycle.

$6.45 million

Crenshaw v. Land O’Lakes

Verdict for a severely injured correctional officer who suffered numerous injuries after a Land O’Lakes’ truck turned in front of his motorcycle.

$4 million

DOE v. Transportation Company Inc.

Settlement for the death of a woman who was killed when her vehicle struck a “big rig” that had over turned in the roadway at night blocking all lanes of traffic.


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