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California Speeding and Negligent Driving Accident Lawyer

In a standard vehicle, speeding and negligent driving endangers all those sharing the road. Auto accidents involving personal vehicles have the ability to negatively impact the lives of family and friends, leaving in their wake disability, financial stress and a lack of transportation. If you are one of the many that have fallen victim a debilitating injury due to these circumstances you need a California speeding and negligent driving accident lawyer on your side.

Truck Accidents vs. Car Accidents

Comparatively, commercial trucks in the United States travel over 150 billion miles per year, carrying weight in excess of 20 times heavier than a standard vehicle. Though maximum weight varies, many states cap gross weight at 40 tons, whereas compact cars might weigh 2 tons. When speeding or negligence occurs while driving a truck of this magnitude, lives can be lost and devastating injuries can occur.

Panish, Shea and Boyle have worked with innocent victims of truck speeding & negligent driving, including immediate family, extended family and friends. After an accident occurs, it’s important to know professional legal help is available to provide support and assist in the recovery of compensation for losses.

Top Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

In the decade between 2002 and 2011, nearly 50,000 individuals lost their lives in large truck-related auto accidents. Each year, over a million more suffer serious injury and permanent disability after collision with a commercial truck. However, with nearly 10 million commercial trucks traveling US highways, accidents are bound to occur. The team at Panish, Shea and Boyle possesses extensive experience winning personal injury and wrongful death cases resulting from a truck speeding & negligent driving accidents. Unfortunately, many truck accidents take place from preventable causes, such as the following:

  • Poor truck maintenance. When commercial vehicles are poorly maintained, using them for business or other purposes significantly increases the risk of accidents. For various inexcusable reasons, some companies fail to regularly maintain and repair their fleets. 
  • Untrained drivers. Approximately 9 out of 10 semi-trucks on the road are driven by owner-operators. As an owner-operator, drivers are responsible to obtain adequate training and maintain their truck. Untrained or novice drivers compromise the safety of fellow drivers. 
  • Drowsiness. Truck drivers commonly work more than 12 hours at a time, rarely getting restful sleep, and can easily become drowsy behind the wheel. Though this is a dangerous situation in any vehicle, large commercial trucks have the potential to cause fatal accidents. 
  • Distractions. While trying to remain alert, truck drivers must contend with a variety of distractions, such as incoming phone calls, radio communication, listening to music, changing traffic patterns and eating while driving. Any and all of these activities performed while driving may lead to an accident. 
  • Irresponsible signaling in an emergency. After experiencing a vehicle malfunction or other unexpected event, truck drivers are expected to set up markers a specified distance from the vehicle or move it out of traffic if possible. Failure to take appropriate safety precautions in an emergency does not adequately warn oncoming traffic, which increases the probability of a crash.
  • Lack of adherence to regulations. Common among inexperienced drivers, failing to adhere to transportation laws and regulations leads to higher accident rates. Injuries and fatalities that are often preventable can impact the victim’s ability to lead a normal, productive life.

Trucks & Speeding/Negligent Driving in California

At Panish, Shea and Boyle, we believe these mistakes and associated losses are inexcusable. To receive compassionate assistance from an experienced California speeding and negligent driving accident attorney, contact us on 877-800-1700 and schedule a free consultation today.


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