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California Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving tractor trailers can be catastrophic. Due to the size and magnitude of the trucks, drivers of these trucks often leave the scenes unscathed, but others do not. These tragedies can result from various factors. When negligence is a factor, it often manifests in the form of poorly maintained equipment, such as faulty brakes, or the careless driving of truck drivers who are given impossibly tight deadlines to make their deliveries. Such issues tend to be overlooked by companies focused on maximizing business as much as possible – even at the expense of human safety. The Panish, Shea & Boyle, a California trailer accident lawyer is able to help you successfully recover the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

Owners and managers of tractor trailer transport companies are well informed of the federal and state regulations governing their industry. When either drivers or entire companies fail to abide by the guidelines of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act, they are acting negligently. Therefore, they may be sued for the costs of medical bills, funeral expenses, lost earnings, and other damages if their disregard for safety causes an injurious or deadly accident.

For example, trailers – and the trucks that pull them – should be inspected regularly. This includes brake testing, checks of fuel levels, and assessment of tires. There are also guidelines that stipulate how much weight trailers are allowed to carry, as well as the maximum amount of hours drivers are allowed to work per day.

Ideally, accidents involving trailers would rarely happen. This is because most of them are preventable. In the meantime, however, there are several factors to keep in mind in the event of such an incident. Immediate medical attention is critical. Sometimes even the most serious injuries do not appear right away, so a medical exam that can identify possible harm is pertinent.

It is also necessary to report the incident to the police, who can not only document the details of the incident and collect evidence, but also file criminal charges if the driver was pulling the trailer while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

As soon as possible after the accident, contact our trailer accident attorneys in California who specialize in trailer accidents. Considering the emotional and physical trauma many victims face after being injured by tractor trailers, they are often overwhelmed and unable to fully assess the situation. An experienced attorney, however, can assess any available forensic evidence. In addition to a police investigation, a California trailer accident lawyer team can interview witnesses, investigate the scene, reconstruct the accident, and photograph skid marks, vehicle damage, and debris in the surrounding area.

It is particularly important to connect with a trailer accident lawyer in California as soon as possible because the trucking company will begin a defensive investigation at the moment of collision. Modern tractor trailers are equipped with computers that record braking, speed, swerve, and other particulars of the vehicle’s movement. These recordings may be crucial to a case, but they must be accessed before they are destroyed. A personal injury lawyer with experience in these cases can establish contact with the trucking company and demand that this data be preserved until the outcome of the case has been reached.

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