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California Failure to Use Turn Signal Accident Attorneys

Distracted driving is a problem. Drivers are looking at phones, texting, talking, eating and some have even been caught reading a book. With the number of distractions rising, communication between drivers has taken a back seat to more interesting tasks. On the road, failure to use turn signals use can result in serious accidents, injury and death. This is best accomplished by hiring a California truck accident lawyer who is experienced in handling this type of case.

Turn Signal Use: The Facts

Can you remember the last time you used a turn signal? According to research by the Society of Automotive Engineers, drivers either fail to use turn signals when changing lanes or neglect to turn the signals off about 48% of the time. Failure to signal a turn is about half of that at 25%. his equates to two billion times a day drivers are not expressing their intentions behind the wheel. Lack or failure to use turn signals result in accidents like getting rear-ended or sideswiped.

Drivers failure to use signals for a variety of reasons such as a lack of courtesy, laziness, or improper training. Statistics show this growing problem results in about 2 million car accidents per year. Distracted driving accounts for half that at approximately 950,000 annually.

The Consequences of Carelessness

All states require drivers to use turn signals, but penalties differ from state to state. Penalties are usually a minor traffic violation and the ticket cost is minimal. Insurance companies may raise rates due to the ticket depending on your state of residence, but what happens if you or a loved one is injured in a car accident when the other driver failed to signal?

Though the majority of accidents are minor, some are catastrophic and life-changing. After an auto accident due to careless driving, it’s important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately after receiving medical treatment. Postponing legal counsel may result in unnecessary financial and emotional repercussions, such as the following:

  • Temporary or permanent disability. Injuries from an auto accident often lead to an inability to work, go to school or take care of your family. In a personal injury case, you may be entitled to compensation.
  • Inability to pay for basic needs. When unable to work after an accident, financial relief must come fast to ensure access to basic needs. Reduce financial strain by contacting an attorney as soon as possible. 
  • Reduced quality of life. Between medical problems, financial instability and an inability to work, your quality of life after an auto accident may appear to be spiraling downward. To prevent unnecessary anguish, start the legal process now.
  • Emotional pain and suffering. Adjusting to a different way of life after sustaining injuries from an auto accident takes time. Many individuals experience anxiety, depression and an overall loss of joy. Contact an attorney before the emotional pain gets worse.

Experienced an Accident Due to Someones Failure to Use a Turn Signal?

Panish, Shea & Boyle LLP are leaders in personal injury lawsuits with special emphasis on truck accidents, throughout the legal community in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Our firm has helped victims recover from injury and gain deserved compensation. While life may not be the way it was before the accident occurred, Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP will work diligently to win compensation for your suffering.

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