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Under Ride Truck Accident Attorneys in California

Unless you have personal involvement in an under ride accident, most likely you overlook the metal guards found on the ends of tractor-trailers and other large commercial trucks. This mechanism’s purpose is to prevent standard cars from riding under the trailer of a truck. Unfortunately, not all trucks have these guards, and often guards alone do not sufficiently prevent under ride accidents. As community leaders and well recognized under ride truck accident attorneys in California, the team at Panish Shea & Boyle are committed to getting you the money you need to allowing for the best possible medical treatment and to improve the quality of your life when you’ve suffered such an injury.

Under Ride Accidents: Just the Facts

Research estimates approximately 1 in 3 rear-end accidents involving a standard vehicle and large truck result in windshield penetration, at a minimum. Because many trucks lack an under ride guard and others fail to prevent injury, the efficacy debate over these protective devices is going strong. In the meantime, innocent drivers and passengers continue to receive life-threatening injuries from under ride accidents.

Side and front under ride guards are a growing concern for drivers and have been shown to significantly contribute to fatality rates for this accident type. Though mandates for side and front guards are not yet on the horizon, drivers must maintain caution when large trucks are nearby.

The Dangers of Under Ride Accidents

With hundreds of drivers affected by under ride accidents each year, the potential for disabling injury and loss of life is rising. In our years in practice, the trucking accident attorneys in California at Panish, Shea & Boyle have worked with accident victims to recover damages and move forward. Here are a few examples of compensation awards:

  • Lost wages. An inability to work after an accident reduces your household income and ability to live independently. Lost wages are often awarded to defendants. 
  • Medical expenses.  The rising costs of medical care and supplies complicate finances and may result in severe debt. 
  • Non-financial loss. It’s impossible to put a price on losing a loved one. In some cases, defendants are provided with compensation for loss of companionship or support.
  • Emotional distress. When quality of life is negatively impacted by an unforeseen event, depression and anxiety often affects those involved. In an under ride accident case, a court of law may award a defendant with compensation for emotional damage.

After an Under Ride Accident: Learning Your Options

Surviving an under ride accident is both traumatic and frightening. Once medically stable, your next best step is learning more about your legal options. Most likely, the unfortunate event sparked questions and concerns about your ability to work, obtain basic needs and support your family. Before trusting an under ride accident lawyer in California to win your case, collect a few pieces of information.

  • Medical records and accident reports. Gathering all information relevant to your case, including official documentation and medical records, will help your legal team make insightful recommendations. 
  • Prospective attorney’s experience. Before choosing which lawyer will represent you, it’s important to review whether he or she has experience winning similar cases. 
  • Average success rate and award. The details of your case will lead to a better understanding of potential compensation, but an average award amount and rate of success will provide a basis on which to compare options.

With years of experience, the team at Panish, Shea & Boyle has grown to fully understand the many stressors facing truck accident victims. Between the wrongful death of loved ones, health or financial instability, receiving compensation for damages can positively affect quality of life.

Your Case with a Under Ride Truck Accident Lawyer

Panish, Shea & Boyle’s team of knowledgeable attorneys works with individuals and families to recover damages from an under ride accident. Whether the claim involves a private citizen or business, we thoroughly review the details of your case before discussing legal options. For your free consultation, contact us at our office at 877-800-1700 today.


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